VIDEO!!! Skuki ft Lil Kesh- Lori Standing

This is the all glamorous video for Skuki ft Lil Kesh – Lori Standing.

The video was shot over 2 days along the Las Vegas strip. Day 1 was performance scen for Skuki and models. Day 2 was aerial shots, location and luxury cutaways.

Lil kesh’s part was shot in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria. Lets be truthful sha.. the Nigerian girls in Lil Kesh’s part have bigger ‘badunkadunk! than the Las Vegas models.. Those Las vegas girls are fine yeah?, but they dont know how to do. Hollup, hollup, hollup… ¬†wait o… what did i just type? I mean those Las Vegas girls dont know how to do shoki.. as in, i mean they dont really know how to dance. *clears-throat* Thank you.

Click here to watch the LORI STANDING VIDEO


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